Stainless Steel Highball Glass - Set of 2

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Make watered down cocktails a thing of the past!  This 14oz 'glass' is designed with insulated stainless steel that keeps ice from melting and drinks cold. Designed by a woman, its slender shape isn't big and bulky like typical stainless steel tumblers so it fits beautifully in your hand, from cocktail party to happy hour on the dock.

  • Insulated stainless steel doesn’t sweat so you never need a coaster and protects coffee tables and night stands from water damage

  • Double-wall design keeps your hands warm and dry

  • Lighter than a glass tumbler but shatterproof, it also has a super thin rim that creates a more enjoyable drinking experience.  

  • Elegant and stylish, they are perfect for entertaining and cocktail hour, but are also versatile indoor-outdoor everyday drinking glasses
  • Packaged in a high quality gift box