Stainless Steel Rocks Glass - Set of 2

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Whether you prefer Negroni or whiskey neat, this stainless-steel rocks glass will maintain the temperature and great taste of your fave cocktail or beverage.  Designed by a woman, it's super-light and easy to hold compared to typical heavy cocktail glasses and bulky tumblers 

  • Double-wall insulated stainless steel doesn’t sweat so you never need a coaster or a cocktail napkin

  • Insulated stainless steel keeps drinks cold and slows ice melt, while it keeps hands warm and dry

  • Shatterproof so you can safely use them inside,  on the patio and by the pool

  • Weighing in at just over 5oz, the glass is super lightweight and easy to hold and its thin 1mm lip creates an unique and enjoyable drinking experience 

  • Food grade stainless steel won't affect taste and is BPA free
  • Packaged in a high quality gift box